Top 5 Sensual Rap Songs about Relationships

When it comes to getting into romantic mood, switching on some hip hop tunes
may not probably be the first choice of yours. R&B’s unhurried flow, calmness of
blues ballads or smooth jazz improvisations – anything, but a dude wrapped in
gold chains spitting some verses over a pounding beat. Can rap track be a sweet
love song? You’ll say that’s some real sick stuff.
However, if you think so, you may mistakenly suppose that all rap songs are trashy
or built on messages that are morally appalling. Yet, calling the whole genre
beautiful and exquisite with the intention to avoid insults would be a sheer lie, but
it definitely does not imply there’s a lack of kind and honest sentiments. In fact, the
industry is full of rappers pouring their hearts out.
Light up the candles, cuddle up under the plaid blanket and press play on these 5
sensual rap songs about relationships.

1. G-Eazy feat. Halsey – “Him & I”
As we’re approaching closer to “The Beautiful & Damned” album’s official
worldwide release, G-Eazy has dropped out another astonishing single from the
upcoming studio album. The new track is called “Him & I” featuring his
girlfriend and a pop-singer Halsey.
The song tells the touching tale of a rebellious, crazy love of a lovey-dovey
couple. There is an indestructible loyalty between two lovebirds, no matter
what the circumstances are. What follows is a genuine look at the power of true
love the couple is filled with. They hug, hold hands, lock lips and caress one
another as they pass through the subways and along the sidewalks of the City
that never sleeps.
The camera chases Gerald and Ashley nearly on every corner, from fun nights
out with mutual friends to peaceful evenings in the kitchen capturing two lovers
fooling and laughing as they cook together. They share coffee and giggles, ice
cream and kisses, running through the Empire state.

The single follows each artist’s personalities fluidly merging into one. Halsey’s
angelic voice maintains the same gentle still powerful feel, leading into G’s rap

2. LL Cool J – “I Need Love”
A young J demonstrated the public where his nickname derives from, releasing
what is now proclaimed the OG of all hip-hop romantic ballads. After keeping
it true old school with his first studio album “Radio”, this tune from his second
LP inherited a more sensual sound which granted him hang more platinum
plaques on walls and his posters on fangirls’ walls.

3. Slick Rick – “Teenage Love”
Slick Rick’s unfadable classic warns the young souls about the first love’s real
face and shares this unique knowledge about protecting your immature heart
and soul. What’s the best thing about the record? Watching the artist
performing this tune live and recalling all those teenage moments of your life in
a matter of seconds.

4. Drake – “Best I Ever Had”
Without a single doubt, this single helped Drake smash all the charts last
summer and assured he’d have absolutely no problem reaching the top if he
wanted. The music video itself was a bit of a stretch portraying him in the
doghouse surrounded by some female fans. But, of course, Drake’s hit managed
to work its way to all the girls’ hearts.

5. Kodak Black – “Save You”
Giving in the fact that many people (even Kodak’s devoted fans) didn’t believe
this guy was capable of presenting a legitimate love song,
had some serious hesitations about adding Black to this list. Simply because
people usually listen to musicians like Kodak to temper their emotions, not
evoke those, but it’d definitely be sooo upsetting if he wasn’t able to craft such

a sweet romantic song like “Save You”. Now this masterpiece has every right to
be included into your love playlist.

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