Best 2017 minivans for the whole family

27432027 - Best 2017 minivans for the whole family

Best 2017 minivans for the whole family

Nowadays minibuses are a well-known way to earn some money on offering transportation to passengers. Moreover, they can be used as transport for traveling within our country and beyond it. These are those cars that allow you to move around the city with the comfort that only large buses can feature!

We offer to your attention the rating of the best 2017 minibuses for traveling as a family and for long distances – the best in class!

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Volkswagen Multivan

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This is the number 1 best-seller today. It’s a highly economical 5-door spacious minibus with interior trim options.

The technical characteristics of the flagship are impressive. For example, the 2 liter engine develops 204 hp while the petrol consumption is within 10 liters per 100 km. The exterior and interior of this model are of the premium quality!

Citroën Jumper

Car - Best 2017 minivans for the whole family

The Jumper, built on the same platform as the Opel Vivara, has become the real flagship of the market since its release.

This is one of the most reliable and practical minibuses in 2017. Equipped with 3 liter engine, it has 177 hp. Excellent running characteristics allow you to save on repairing costs.

The body is made of high-quality metal.

Hyundai H-1

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Korean developers in this segment of the market try to keep up with their German and Japanese competitors, and this model is the confirmation of this fact.

H-1 is available in standard and luxury versions. The lineup offers models both with automatic and manual transmission.

Everything about this van has been done for a connoisseur of the brand. There are two modifications to the engines of this work of art. The most popular is the petrol unit with the capacity of 2.5 liters.

Mercedes V-Class

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The relatively high cost of a minivan by Mercedes is quite justified: it features a powerful engine, a quality suspension, and excellent noise insulation.

It’s a real work of art inside: you can order an interior to your liking; the color range is diverse while the quantity of materials is really impressive. All seats are covered with natural leather; there is a TV and a minibar. The most important country officials and just well-to-do people who value comfort above all else drive the V-Class!

Volkswagen California

97573891 - Best 2017 minivans for the whole family

Definitely the best! It has excellent running characteristics, the transformation of the interior and the car itself. The car is unpretentious and is ready for the off-road adventures.

The multivan has several modifications of engines and a gearbox, which is more than enough, while the economical fuel consumption is a great bonus!

The presented models are really the best in their class. They are everybody’s favorites in terms of price-quality ratio.

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